7 Different Questions To Ask On Facebook To Build Engagement

Do you want to build your Facebook page’s engagement? The easiest way to start building engagement is to ask your fans some questions.

The one trick with asking questions is for them to be short and simple. The easier they are to answer, the more answers you will get.

And asking a question is as simple as writing any other post.

Not all questions are created equal however, and I want to give you a list of compelling questions your fans will be keen to answer, making you and you page more popular than ever.

Question 1 – Simple

A short and simple question to ask.

What is your favourite ____________?

What would you do with $1,000?

These types of questions are basically limited only by your imagination, so start thinking and ask away!

Question 2 – Either/Or

With this type of question you give your fans two options, asking which they prefer.

Would you rather ____________ or ____________?

Would you rather an overseas holiday or a new kitchen?

Question 3 – Yes/No

Similar to the either/or question, but this time your fans need to answer yes or no.

Do you think _____________ will be a great TV show? Yes or No?

Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

You can also prompt your fans with the “Yes or No?” question at the end so they know what you are expecting from them. Also, if they know all they have to do is answer with one word they will be more likely to answer.

Question 4 – Photo Question

Simply post an image of something and then ask a question about it.

What do you think of this ____________?


7 Different Questions to Ask on Facebook to Build Engagement

Can you spot me in the crowd?

Can you spot me in the crowd? Hint: I’m wearing a blue shirt.

Feel free to drop hints or make your fan’s task of answering the question easier – just make sure you keep it short.

Question 5 – Educational Question

Also known as the “Did you know” question, this one can be useful for relaying information about a wide array of topics, including your products and services.

Did you know we offer ________________?

Did you know that the price of potatoes are at an all-time low?

The example above is a great question to bring attention to your products and services, just don’t overdo this type of question.

Question 6 – Survey Question

This is a really powerful question to ask your fans. Not only will it encourage engagement, it will give you vital information on how you can help them even more than you are already.

What is the one thing you hate about _____________?

Are you saving for something? What’s the largest obstacle you face?

Question 7 – Did I Miss Something?

This question will probably be the longest of the questions you ask, but it can be worth it. Just make sure you make it visually easy to read (see the example below).

3 Things you must have in your _____________ – __________ & ___________ & ___________. Did I miss anything?

3 Questions to ask yourself before you buy something:

Can I really afford it?
How often will I use it?
Can I borrow it?

Did I miss any?

This sort of question gets people thinking and you will be surprised by some of the answers you get.

Double Up

You can even double up on your questions, but don’t get too fancy or complicated.

Did you know Android phones outsell iPhones? Will you be buying a new phone in the next 3 months?

Great Questions

Remember, the key to a great question are twofold:

  • They are short, and;
  • They are easy to answer

That should keep you drowning in comments from your fans, but I have one question for you: Did I miss any?

Photo credit: Wayne Large

  • https://www.facebook.com/howtomarketyourhorsebusiness Randi Thompson

    You really are sharing great information here, Russell. I am going to share some of it with my fans. Thank you so much for all you do. Randi

    • Russell Allert

      Thanks so much, Randi. It’s nice to get feedback like that. :)


  • http://www.brookesummer.com Brooke

    I love these questions and ideas, thank you!

    • Russell Allert

      Thanks, Brooke! :)

  • http://www.pipsnpods.com.au Melinda

    Thanks Russell you have given me some great ideas.

    • Russell Allert

      No problem, Mel. Glad you got some use out of it. :)

  • http://twitter.com/arocordisdesign Stephen M. Frey, AIA


    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      You’re welcome, Stephen! :)

  • DeeptiVarma

    Just so needed this!!

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      I hope you put it to some great use, Deepti. :)

  • http://www.pinchmeliving.com/ Aaron

    Would love to share this article but no social share buttons, just saying :-)

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      Hi Aaron. Well spotted!

      This site is going through some upgrades so they aren’t there right now. You could always do it the old fashioned way by copy-paste. :)


      • http://www.pinchmeliving.com/ Aaron

        Done. Goes to show how ease of sharing does matter. Helpful post thanks

        • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

          Thanks, Aaron. Definitely!

          Look for a complete re-design of this site soon! :)

  • Kimberly A. Kline

    I have yet to really use questions, but now I see that can really generate some engagement and conversations. I will be sharing this article for sure Russ!

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      Questions can be pretty powerful, Kimberley. I always recommend using them. :) And thanks!


  • http://www.inboundmarketinggeek.com/ Valerie Joy Deveza

    Ha! I should start posting questions. :-) Very helpful tip Russ!

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      Thanks, Val!

      Questions are an amazing way to boost engagement, and learn about your customers/fans. :)

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  • Marilyn Kay

    I will have to look more closely at the questions function now.

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      The actual question post format is an interesting one, Marilyn.

      When it first came out it was a fantastic way to spread your brand message, but since Facebook has hidden it away under “Offers, Events+” it doesn’t seem to have the same impact any more.

      Just asking a simple question on the other hand can have a big impact.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!


      • Marilyn Kay

        Yes. I remember polls, which seem to have disappeared and I do ask questions, but the question function looks like it could be re-invigorated. I’m going to try it more often. Who knows? It could disappear or come back under another guise as Facebook struggles to find the right mix of advertising amidst the more personal content.

        • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

          Everything is worth trying, Marilyn. :)


  • Robert

    Not sure if it is just me, but I no longer see the “Question” option on any of the brand pages that I oversee. Anyone have any thoughts on why this might be? I posted a question just three weeks ago.

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      I just wrote about this on my Facebook page, Robert. Facebook have quietly removed it. I will be updating this post shortly.

      Did you use it often?

      My Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/BakedSocialMedia

      • Robert

        Thanks for the insight – looking forward to your update.

        And no, I didn’t use it often, only when I really felt it was worth using.

        • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

          I guess it was nice to have it there if you needed again, but I don’t think I will miss it a great deal. :)

          Thanks, Robert.


          • Bakkgården

            Im trying to find my Question option, i only have offers, milestones, event. Just so annayoing to not find it :/

          • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

            Facebook have recently removed questions, Bakkgarden.


          • Bakkgården

            Thanks, weird that they have done that but, hope it comes back again in the future.

          • http://wonference.com/ wonference

            Hi! I had the same problem but today I figured it out: I went to my page, I clicked the edit button and select “use facebook as NAME_OF_THE_PAGE” and then going to the facebook homepage, http://facebook.com I could see the option to add a question in my timeline (it will appear in my page), just from the top of the page.
            Screenshot below

          • http://wonference.com/ wonference

            UPDATE: although it’s still working that way… it seems clear they will completely remove the question option, as explained in this press release: http://newsroom.fb.com/News/620/An-Update-on-Facebook-Ads

          • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

            Cheers for the update!

            It’s probably not worth bothering with any more, even if it is still there. :)


  • Manny Parra

    http://www.facebook.com/shemaisrael77 visit my page and message me what I should add please. I’d appreciate it. Thank You. LIKE it by the way haha

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  • Lance Hopper

    Thanks, good ideas!

  • Cindy Braid

    Started reading this and instantly got motivated to start my questions, so I popped over my page and did a couple that was important for my weekend buying trip. Hopefully I get some answers. Thank you for the reminder to get our fans involved. Cheers.

    • http://bakedsocialmedia.com/ Russell Allert

      Awesome, Cindy! Let me know how you went.