7 Posts That Drive More Engagement On Facebook

I would guess that one of the biggest issues you have on Facebook is building engagement with your fans.

There is nothing worse than posting something and then… nothing. No likes, comments or shares.

It’s Time to Shine!

It’s time to be a Facebook superstar, and get the engagement your page deserves by using these 7 different types of posts – one for each day of the week! These will encourage your fans to engage more with you, and with each other.

I have also supplied some examples of these working really well. But one thing to keep in mind is that you need to be consistent with your posting. It’s no good posting once every other week and expecting your fans to engage with you.

Use these posts to start a content calendar and start making it part of your everyday routine for maximum impact.

Post 1 – Ask A Question

Asking people what they think is a fantastic way to gain engagement. Just make sure your questions are both short and easy to answer.

Question Example

You can take this a step further as well by asking a question and giving your fans a direct call to action. I posted an article on this already and you can read about it here.

Post 2 – Caption This

Use a crazy or silly image for people to caption. Everyone loves to have some fun, and what better way to get people thinking and have a little fun than getting them to caption an image you post.

An Example of a Caption This Type Post

The image above, posted by SciFi Australia, is a great example of this using an unusual photo. It’s a great idea if you can use a photo that is somehow related to your brand as well.

Post 3 – Stunning Photography

People are draw to images. Especially photographs of real people or places. So, give them what they want and post some stunning photos. You can even use Facebook’s highlight feature for a better effect on your page.

An example of a stunning photo post

The example above from Dashburst is a great one. Just make sure the photos are truly amazing and not merely so-so. Also, make sure you can use any photos you do post and link to the copyright holder.

These types of posts are great for accumulating post likes.

Post 4 – The Puzzle

Some people love solving problems. So, create a word or number puzzle for them to solve. But remember, tailor it to your audience and don’t make it too hard. Sample puzzles include a single crossword puzzle, find words in a jumble of letters, or simple number puzzles.

Example of a puzzle image

The example above is a great one by ICICI Bank that incorporates a link to their business. This is a fantastic way to let people know about a new product or service.

Post 5 – The Funny Image

This is usually an image that has a funny image or deep quote on it. These can be sourced from all over the web, but it is best to keep to either something you love and your fans know you for (say cute cat photos) or images that are related to your brand. This sort of post is great at generating post likes and shares.

Example of a funny image

The example above from my own Facebook page is a great example that went viral. It works because it is topical, clever and funny. Don’t underestimate the power of making someone laugh – it makes for great viral content.

Post 6 – Compelling Story

A big part of social media is telling your brand’s story. With this in mind a great way to get your story out is to tell a compelling and interesting story on Facebook. About yourself, someone you know or something you heard about.

An example of a compelling story post by Stephanie Sauter

Post 7 – Tagging Others

Use this when talking about other people or businesses. If you have built a relationship with another business or have mentioned someone in a blog post then simply tag them in your post.

Please don’t do this just to spam. Use it sparingly and don’t use it on the same page over and over. Used wisely, this can get you a lot of exposure.

An example of tagging others in a post

In the example above, Blog Tyrant uses a post about a recent blog article to include the names of those other bloggers who appear in the article. This is a great way to alert those mentioned in the article about your blog.

Post 8 – Behind The Scenes

Show some behind-the-scenes photos of your business. People love seeing things they are not normally allowed to, or don’t have access to. Give them a sneak peak and let them come back for more.

Example of behind the scenes post

The above example by Karton Group is great as they show a small peak of an appearance on a national TV show.

Give it Time

But like all things social media, remember that success won’t happen overnight. Keep posting interesting and engaging content and you will build up your fan base eventually. And remember, have fun!

Do you use any of these posts? Have I missed any?

Bonus: Track all this new engagement easily.