Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines – The Easy Version

If you are thinking about running any sort of competiton on Facebook you will need to be aware of their Promotional Guidelines.

At one time Facebook had a list of rules of what you could and could not do with promotions. But Facebook have updated and simplified their rules to the point there is only one you need to be aware of:

You cannot run any promotions via your personal timeline.

That is, you can run a promotion via your page, but not your personal profile.

Facebook Promotion Guidelines

image credit: Thos003 on flickr

Promotions in this instance covers things like contests, competitions, sweepstakes and similar offerings.

There are a few other things to be aware of all so.

Copyright Restrictions

You cannot use any of Facebook’s name, logo or other copyrights or trademarks in connection with your promotion.


When running a competition on Facebook, you must include the following:

  • A complete release of Facebook by each entrant or participant
  • Acknowledgment that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
  • Disclosure that the participant is providing information to [your business name] and not to Facebook


These rules (or really the lack thereof) make life so much simpler, but I would suggest you still use apps for running promotions if only to create a landing page for it, and also to collect emails.

What do you think? Do they make sense?


  1. @RubySubramaniam

    Hi Rusell, had similar issues regarding this with one of my clients previously because we had FB's logo in client's website directing them to the contest. I think it's a little too much, clients have to spend additional budget building apps etc. If FB was allowing them to use their tools, I think more budget would go into FB advertising. Then again, this gives a little structure to advertising on FB. Great work on the article, very useful!

  2. @ScottProck

    Thanks for simplifying the terms Russell it's great information.

    As to the use of their logo, it comes down to protecting their trademark. Companies that don't actively protect their trademark are setting themselves up for weakened enforcement should they have to go to court in order to prosecute for trademark infringement. It has nothing to do with Facebook making it easier for us to promote Facebook.

    Also, regarding the TOS and why Facebook may seem easy on the enforcement. One, it would pull resources away from other areas Facebook may need people handling, and two, they just need a way of not being culpable should a company be found in violation of some sweepstakes law. Facebook can state they were in violation of the TOS and therefore not be held liable for the actions of it's users.

    … Scott

  3. ilan

    I am planning to run contest for 2 brands together. Each brand have their own fan page, and the contest will start in each one tab (with a fan gate screen), and entering the contest will lead to one canvass page.
    I want to add a rule that before the user will direct him to the canvass page, it will verify that the user Like also the other fan page (of the other brand), and if not display for him a Like button.
    Will I breach Facebook TOS?
    Reading the promotions guidelines @ http://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promo
    In section Eiii it’s writing “You must not … other than liking a Page ..”
    It doesn’t say which page and if it can be more than one page …
    What do you think? How can I get an official answer from Facebook about this?
    Thanks, Ilan

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