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Big Mistakes

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I have recently shown two people who have successfully used social media to build their business, but today’s post is a lesson in how not to run a Facebook page.

It’s time you learn from other people’s mistakes.

The Facebook page I am talking about is owned by a rather well-known financial institution (that I have decided not to name) who have recently under gone a name and brand change.

They launched this change with a large campaign, which included TV spots, billboard advertising and a Facebook page.

The campaign got a lot of attention, which they channeled into growing their Facebook “Likes”, quickly gaining over one-thousand fans in a short space of time fueled by traditional TV advertising.

Their Facebook page had great level of engagement and interaction and, as I mentioned above, they were building a large following rapidly.

Then the wheels fell off.

After the initial campaign had subsided they seem to of completely stop updating their Facebook page and have almost certainty left a lot of people wondering what happened.

Their social media mistakes started long before the first part of campaign was over however, and so I have listed their 7 most grievous mistakes below for you to learn from.

Mistake Number 1 – Failing to Update Regularly

While their television ads are still running, it seems they have forgotten about their Facebook page, which, at the time of writing, has not been updated in 22 days!

Take-Away: Update your page at least a few times a week, if not daily. And, most importantly, be consistent. Make sure you have have fresh and interesting content to publish – develop a posting calendar and create content in advance.

Mistake Number 2 – Failing to Respond to Everyone

They seem to love repsonding to positive comments, which I suspiciously believe to be from other staff members, but when it comes to any criticism or negative comments they seem happy to simply ignored it, not responding at all.

Take-Away: Respond to every post and comment! In fact, it’s more important to respond to negative comments than positive one, as it’s a great way to win them over and fix any incorrect information.

Mistake Number 3 – Talking At People, Rather Than To People

The brand in question seem quite happy to post stuff all about themselves but not once did they ask anything of their fans.

Take-Away: Start finding out who your fans are and talk to them about their issues and problems, or just about their lives, instead of just broadcasting stuff about your brand.

Mistake Number 4 – Poor Images at the Top of the Page

This may seem a little trivial, especially given the other gaffes, but it is important to have a page that looks good and shows off who you are.

Take-Away: Create or find some images that are clear and add to your brand in some way, remembering that each image gets placed in a random position each time the page is loaded.

Mistake Number 5 – Not Having a Plan

There is no doubt this was a successful campaign. They had great interaction and engagement during the first part of the campaign, but then nothing. They had over one-thousand hooked fans and then they just decide to stop talking to them.

Take-Away: Know exactly what you want to talk about during a campaign and what you are going to talk about post-campaign to keep up the conversation. Otherwise, you will lose your fans and all that hard work will be for nothing.

Mistake Number 6 – Not Being A Real Person

While they had good engagement with their fans during the start of the campaign, once that was over they needed to get personal.

The brand was talking to their fans, not a real person. We know nothing about the person who is posting, or even it there are more than one of them.

Take-Away: Don’t be a brand, be a person. Have your photo up on the page, or sign off with your first name so people know who they are talking to. You cannot get close to a brand, but you can get close to a real person.

Mistake Number 7 – Not Creating Secure Pages

This is a mistake born out of not keeping up with changes to Facebook. Not long ago Facebook required every page to move to securing browsing and a lot of page owners either failed to update their security or didn’t know any better. And this is the result – a poor look for an established brand.

Secure Browsing

Take-Away: Have the person looking after your brand keep up with Facebook (or other social media) news and changes. Otherwise this sort of mistake could cost you your credibility.

Bonus Mistake

One last mistake the brand made was they have failed to include any social media buttons on their corporate website linking to their Facebook page. You need to let people know any way you can that you are active in social media.


While I have highlighted one brand here, there are many small businesses out there who are making the same mistakes. Mistakes that can be easily avoided by creating a plan or having someone create one for you – and working through it.

Social media is more than just creating a Facebook page – you need to have a goal, a strategy and the right person creating your content and talking to your fans.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you seen any other mistakes made by brands? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Mark Parker

    Great points – particularly the bonus point…

    One point I'd make in addition to this is to be sure you're not biting off more than you can handle. You could run a really successful campaign but then find you've either set expectations beyond what you can manage, or you can't respond quickly enough – which will ultimately undo all the good work.

    One point you didn't touch on was the power the new insights gives you around interaction. I really like the way we can now delve into what specific posts are generating activity as it starts to give us insights into optimal content, and optimal times to engage.

    cheers Mark

    1. Baked Social Media

      Hi Samantha. Thanks for your question. I think that it is a great idea to post links to your blog on your Facebook page, but it's a good idea to mix it up a little as well. The idea behind Facebook in particular (but social media in general) is to really connect with your fans. Be yourself and start having a conversation with them. Ask their opinion and encourage them to interact and engage with you. Also, start using all the various post types Facebook offers (photos, video, questions, etc) as I outlined in the following post:

      Let me know if you have any other further questions, I am happy to help!


  2. Brad

    Thanks, Russell. I need all the help I can get on FB. In fact, I think I have made an "unfixable" mistake and one I must correct before I go forward with your suggestions.

    I somehow tied in my business page with my personal profile and now I cannot seperate it. Both responses on my business page and my personal page go to same email address – which I don't want but am unable to change.

    I think I probably need to do another business fan page and not connect it to my personal profile. Related to this, when I try to post to FB from other places, it goes on my personal most of the time – which again I don't want. I have asked this questions numerous times but get no answers. Any suggestions?

  3. Baked Social Media

    Hi Brad

    Thanks for the message.

    Business pages and personal profiles are two different things. Generally someone creates a personal profile and then creates a business page, using their personal profile as admin for that page.

    You need to link a business page to a personal profile on Facebook, so I don't really see a way around that.

    You can control what notifications you receive if you click on "Account Settings" and then "Notifications". IS there a reason you don't want them going to the same email address?

    As to your issue around posting to your personal page from "other places" I am assuming you mean from third-party apps like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck? If this is the case, make sure you have linked your business page as opposed to your personal profile to these accounts.

    Does that answer any of your questions?

    If you need some further help I would be happy to arrange a Skype chat with you.

    Russell Allert

    1. Brad

      Maybe the Skype would be good. I was just playing w/ it to pinpoint my prob.

      Here's part of it: When reading on another's blog, sometimes I like it so I want to post it on my business facebook but it always goes to pesonal — and I can't change that.

      1. Baked Social Media

        I would love to have a chat over Skype. The time difference might be a worry, but perhaps this coming weekend or the next?

        I think the problem you are having with sharing from blogs is that you are logged in as your personal profile on Facebook (as opposed to your business page). It depends on the comment system that the blog uses, but if you change Facebook so that you are logged in as your business page (do you know how to do this?) and then refresh the blog page and try sharing it and see if that works. Otherwise you may have to just copy and paste the blog link into your Facebook business page – this is usually what I do just out of habit.

        Again, I hope that helps.


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