Russell AllertI’m Russell Allert, the founder of Baked Social Media, and I help small business owners grow their businesses online using social media.

I specialise in teaching you to take charge of your own social media marketing via online or offline seminars, courses and workshops, as well as “hands on” consulting.

The main difference between me and most other social media “experts” is that I teach you how to effectively use social media to build your business yourself.

If your goal is to “get rich quick”, make money at someone’s expense, or just want to sell an average product then I would suggest looking elsewhere.

Additionally, if you think social media is going to generate you a great fortune overnight, then please keep walking. Social media marketing is a long-term investment and you need to realise this at the beginning. (And by long term I mean at least 6-12 months).

Why work with me?

  • You deal with me directly. I don’t outsource the work I do for you
  • I don’t compromise on quality
  • I tell it to you straight. I’m honest and will let you know when something is or isn’t going to work
  • I show you how to measure results in a concrete way
  • No gimmicks. I don’t teach you how to get fans by tricking them into liking your page or following your Twitter account
  • Deeper results. Counting likes or followers is so 2010. I teach you to look deeper to see who is really connecting with your brand and teach you to build on that engagement
  • No-BS allowed. I provide you with solid and tested ways to build your business slowly over time so that you are able to build a strong brand online
  • I can suggest and get you started on a wide range of social networks, not limiting your business to Facebook and Twitter. Is your target audience Gen Y entrepreneurs? Then maybe Brazen Careerist is the social network you need to focus on
  • I can offer on-going guidance and help when you need it, so you can spend your money on your business and not on mine
  • I teach you how to get results slowly over time, guaranteed.

Ready to work with me?

What I actually do

While I do offer a small business starting package, which is aimed at total newbies, most of my work involves teaching small business owners how to grow their businesses online via the following:

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy
I will develop a complete social media and marketing plan for your new business. I will tell you what you need to do to start getting business immediately and how to build your success over time. One-off fee of $399.

Local Workshops
If you are located in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia, or are willing to travel here, then I offer a number of workshops that I hold on a regular basis throughout the year.

Click here for dates of my up and coming seminars, workshops and conferences.

Online Workshops
I also offer the same workshops online as well. These consist of a series of videos, eBooks and one-on-one time with myself via Skype. They can be taken at any time and you can learn at your own speed, on your own terms.

On-Demand Workshops
My own workshops are usually booked ahead of time but if you want me to conduct a workshop or seminar for your employees or other stakeholders then please let me know what you have in mind.

But please be aware that it will have to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance and not all dates will be available, but I will do my best to work with you on the date you require.

Need some 1-on-1 time? As stated above, I only work with ethical small and micro business owners who are passionate about what they sell and who care about helping others.

If you are ethical, open, respectful and value openness and quality then I want help you build and grow your business online.

I offer a unique satisfaction guarantee – if you are not happy with my help you decide how much you pay, even if that is zero.

I am also available to speak at your conference. I have to like what you are trying to achieve at the conference for me to agree, but please feel free to let me know what you have in mind.

Ready to work with me?


Here are what some people have said about my work. Feel free to contact them and ask them about me.


Google+ Hangouts
I host a number of Google+ Hangouts from time to time, but these are irregular and are announced about a week or so prior to the date. There are limited spots available so you need to get in quick if you want to be a part of these.

The best way to hear about them is via my eNewsletter – you can sign up here.

A Sense of Community

I have always wanted to give back. That’s why I started this business – to help people.

As a monetary extension of this, 5% of all money made by Baked Social Media will be donated to various small business people throughout the world via Kiva.

What Can I Help You With?

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