News: Facebook Now Allows You To Promote Your Personal Posts Via Announce

FacebookFollowing up from a recent post on Facebook’s new Promoted Posts for Pages, they are now rolling out the personal Profile version: Announce.

For a small fee you can “Announce” your post to your friends, making sure that it will appear in their stream.

Facebook Announce

Facebook Announce

Like the page version, Promoted Posts, Announce allows you to reach those friends of yours who may not be listening to you as often as you like. But unlike Promoted Posts, there will not be any disclaimer saying that your post has been paid for.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it would cost me a couple of UK Pounds to Announce that post to my friends. I am not sure why it came up in English Pounds and not in Australian Dollars, but there you go.

Facebook Announce Payment

Facebook Announce Payment

Facebook claims that you will see, on average, 40% more Likes and the post will be seen by twice as many friends as a regular post.

So what use is this?

Other than another revenue stream for Facebook, this could come in handy for those people who use their personal profiles to promote their business, rather than just to keep in contact with friends.

Although, there may be times when you want to “Announce” something – maybe a wedding, a birth or a party? I am not sure whether this will get wide-spread usage.

What do you think? Would you pay Facebook to post something to your own friends?


Since I posted this a colleague sent me this screen shot – it seems as though Facebook is offering this feature for free to get people interested.

Facebook Announcement for Free

Facebook Announcement for Free

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  • dadada

    It's free for the first time

    • Baked Social Media

      Oh, I see. Mine wasn't. Hmmm… maybe I should ask Facebook for a refund? :)

  • Jessie

    I would like to know exactly how this works and how more people are going to see it… what are they going to do, make it flash and put highlights on it? Or are they just not allowing my posts to access other people's walls now and I have to pay for the privilege of reaching everyone on my friends list?? Where can I find out more info on this one…??

  • Baked Social Media

    Hi Jesse

    It looks like Facebook is split testing this as it is being called Announce or Highlight, and the prices vary. I think they are testing to see what works the best and then will probably roll that out.

    Despite the name, paying for a post in this way just makes the post available to more people you are friends with. It doesn't physically highlight it in any way.

    Hope that helps.


  • Bernadette Heath

    I want it gone off my status how does that happen!?

    • Russell

      Hi Bernadette

      Not too sure what you mean by that. Can you elaborate?


  • Michael Knight

    One “Announce” is on the Facebook page – how do you get rid of it ?

    • Russell

      Hi Michael

      Do you mean how do you “unannounce” it? I believe it just stays announced and will eventually “drop off”. It simply reaches more of your friends.

      Does that help?


  • Traci Bunkers

    I want to use this feature to help me find my lost cat, but I don’t see the link. I just have Like, comment, & share under the post. I can “promote” a post on my business page, but don’t seem to have this option you are referring to on my personal page. Have they removed it already?

    • Russell Allert

      Hi Traci

      You may not have the feature yet. Facebook seem to be testing this out (mostly in Australia and New Zealand), and I am not sure when they will be rolling it out for everyone.

      Sorry to hear about your cat! I hope he/she turns up.


  • Stephanie Hunt

    I just experienced the Announce Post on a post I shared. Interestingly when sharing another link I did not get teh Announce button. Would be nice if I knew when it would appear???

    • Russell Allert

      It seems Facebook is experimenting a lot with this feature, Stephanie. :)


  • Paul Akino

    I just saw this feature today (I am based in Australia), but it just leads to a dead link ( ). Maybe its on a testing phase at the moment, but it would be a great tool to use.

    • Russell Allert

      Hi Paul.

      What link are you talking about?


  • SebDove

    I’m trying to “convert” friends on a client’s personal page to fans on his artist page. In looking into whether or not you can promote personal posts I came across your blog.. But I’m not seeing any “announce” or “highlight” option on his personal posts. Did they already do away with this feature?? Do you have any updates?

    • Russell Allert

      Hi SebDove

      I believe they have settled on the term “Promote”. And yes, you can promote from a personal profile. It should be an option after you publish the post to the wall. If it isn’t, Facebook may not have rolled this out to the country where you live.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you are still having issues.


  • bikerbabezzr

    are ye people mad i would pay facebook nothing for any thing and if every one did this then facebook would stay free for every one to use… wake up people and stop been brain washed… WE DON’T NEED IT NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL.