News: Facebook Rolls Out Promoted Posts

Facebook has made some major additions today. I covered the new in-post analytics in my last news update, but I also wanted to highlight Facebook’s Promoted Posts.

These are posts that you want to promote so you can reach a wider audience.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts

As you can see above, you can now set any post that is up to 3 days old as a promoted post.

You simply set your budget and then that post will start showing up in people newsfeeds (with some small text saying “promoted”). Basically, it’s an ad right in a person’s newsfeed.

I cannot help but think about a doodle I drew yesterday (see below).

Facebook Money Machine

Facebook Money Machine

I think this sums up perfectly how Facebook works now.

They create a barrier between your page and your fans (Edgerank) and then offer a paid solution to reach them. Cha-Ching! (At least for Facebook).

You can find out more about Promoted Posts on Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Is Facebook becoming just too greedy? Is this a good feature? Love to know your thoughts!